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I am so excited to invite you on this creative journey, exploring the YA Christian Fantasy genre. I look forward to hearing from you, and stay tuned for exciting news and updates from The Stoneclad Chronicles and more from other projects underway! 


Author of The Stoneclad Chronicles:

The Ember Within

Marble Surface


The Stoneclad Chronicles: The Ember Within


About the Stoneclad

Get to know the world of the Stoneclad!

Meet characters, read excerpts, and learn more about this exciting new series!


Luke, Architect

Amazing Book, Amazing Truth's, and and Amazing Author! Can't wait to read it again!

Tim, Pastor

WOW!!!! I’m amazed at how quickly I became attached to the title characters. Wonderfully written and completely alluring. I couldn’t put it down. 

Mary Margaret, SLP/Mom

It has it all—adventure, mystery, awesome battles, love, bravery, and best of all an underlying Christian theme.

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