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  • What is TSCC about?
    This is by far the number one question asked, and for good reason. Most people (myself included) need to be aware of what they are getting into! a nutshell: TSCC takes place in a world of its own where there is magic, realms, castles, and swords. Following the lives of four siblings, forcefully separated at a young age, The Ember Within jumps right into the lives of two of those siblings as they seek to find each other and the truth about their past. There is world development, character attatchment, love, loss, and absolutely epic adventure. So hang in there, Book Two is in progress!
  • What is my goal?
    That's easy. My goal is to be used by God, for His glory. From the onset of this dream, my desire was to be the vessel through which He would write this story--that every word written in the pages of TSCC would be from Him and used for Him. That continues to be my prayer now as I endeavor to finish this series.
  • What is the target age range of TSCC?
    TSCC is technically classified in the YA (Young Adult) genre with particular attention given to the younger of that group; HOWEVER, anyone who enjoys the Epic Fantasy genre will enjoy the series. It is not limited to any one age range.
  • Why are the chapters so short?
    What? Short chapters? Praise Him--some may say! Yes, it was intentional. As a former middle and high school teacher, seeing my students read anything was a huge win. Oftentimes, however, many students struggled to complete a reading assignment in class or at home due to the sheer length of most YA novel chapters. I wanted to keep the chapters under a certain number so reading a chapter or section would be feasible for the majority of my audience, but also to encourage more avid readers to continue if they so desired.
  • Can I purchase a book from this site?
    Yes. You can purchase book orders directly from this site by visiting the SHOP section. Also, any book purchased will be a signed copy! Email me directly or leave a note when you checkout if you'd like a specialized message!
  • Can I purchase a book from another site?
    Yes. You can find and purchase copies wherever books are sold!
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